Peer-Reviewed OVC Research



OVC Wellbeing focuses on disseminating research regarding a variety of orphan and vulnerable children topics. Our intent is to foster a collaborative environment where researchers and policymakers can review and contribute to peer-reviewed research. Here you can find a database of published, peer-reviewed manuscripts that have been divided into several categories, listed below.

Index of Peer-Reviewed Research

  • OVCs & HIV: examines the effects of HIV/AIDS on orphans and vulnerable children. This includes studies regarding HIV+ OVCs, as well as OVCs who have had HIV+ parents or who have been affected by the epidemic in some other way.
  • OVCs & Psychological Wellbeing: focuses on research examining the intersection of OVCs and mental health. Topics include the effect of AIDS on psychological health, the impact of childhood nutritional status on cognitive development.
  • Training & Therapy: learn more about caregiver training involvement, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, therapy evaluations and mental wellbeing, etc.
  • Measures & Evaluations: research topics include evaluations of global projects regarding orphans and vulnerable children, creating tools to appropriately measure orphan outcomes, etc.
  • Caregiving Situations and Living Environments: institutional and community-based care, transitions from certain living environments, etc.
  • Educational Impact: information regarding the impact being an orphan has on school enrollment. Topics include: education and psychological well being, HIV/AIDS impact on school attendance.
  • OVCs & Long-term Consequences: information regarding the long-term consequences of being an orphan. Topics include: impact of parental death on education and home life, impact of serving as head of household, etc.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: trauma-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy, improving HIV prevention behavior among OVCs, social networks among orphans.